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Gigoole It! Know It! Enjoy it!

Learning can be funny


Yes! Gigoole is an Open-source project. join the gigoole team! just tell us who you are and how you can and you want help. we contact you as soon as possible. we can create our content, let's do it


Cyberspaces and smartphone are the most wide channel to connect to the next generation. Gigoole Project use all this channels to deliver E-knowledge to next generation


Gigoole Project based on the idea of an animated encyclopedia. every word can have one 100 sec Episode. gigoole can be endless, we all can help it to extent its coverage.

Gigoole Subjects

Everything you might like to know!

pole tabit_taleghani_m

public locations

public places are the the memorials of a nation! gigoole cant ignore them,so the gigoole team produce several episodes about big and memorable places in every country


traffic and transportation

its like blood in veins, traffic and transportation and gigoole is here to talk about different transportation systems and traffic big constructs and introduce them for you


myths and legends

myths and prehistoric adventures are the basis of cultures. gigoole sees this subject and try to tell their stories in one hundred seconds episodes


Modern world

new world have new orders. gigoole introduces main concepts of modern world in many episodes

gole Sir



Human Legacy

Holy shrines, monuments and geographical unique places, they belong to all of us! we call them human legacy and gigoole introduce them to people all around the world

Mohavateye Mesi

Social Life

We love to makes episodes about how to live as a modern citizen. so many episodes of Gigoole are about social behaviors a laws


Local Cultures

gigoole team talk about cultural concepts,religious places, costums and traditions and everything that you like world to know about your culture and country

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What is gigoole?

an animated encyclopedia with more than 1 million episodes!

covering subjects in more than 50 fields

watch it! know it! share it!

shareable content among all available platforms

innovative and creative

a differrent encyclopedia for a differrent generation